Making First Impressions Last: 3 Top Upgrades for Your Home – Part 1: New Windows

Feb 08, 2016

First impressions last, which is why you have to make the most out of the opportunity given to you to ensure that you only make good impressions. Unfortunately, not all homeowners are able to present their properties in the best light. If you’ve been feeling that your home is getting attention for the wrong reasons, don’t fret! There are home upgrades you can take advantage of to turn things around, starting with getting new windows.

Your Options

Double hung windows remain to be the most popular replacement option today but there are other styles available to you as well, like casements, sliding windows, picture windows, and bay and bow windows. Replacement windows can also be custom-sized so you can ensure that you’re getting one that truly fits. Aside from different framing materials and window glass options, customization choices also extend to hardware, interior blinds and grilles, allowing you to enjoy a replacement window that looks exactly as you want it to.

Choosing a Replacement Window

You are more than free to choose whatever window tickles your fancy but keeping in mind the following points will help you ensure that your replacements achieve the best possible visual appeal for your home:

  • Take note of your home’s architectural styles. For your new windows to make the right first impression, they have to work with your home. Fortunately, this simply means matching traditional window designs with traditional homes and sleeker windows with more modern homes. Windows with timeless designs like double hungs are unique in that they complement both traditional and modern home styles. Additionally, wood frames look best in traditional homes while vinyl complements modern home styles well.
  • A window has interior and exterior sides. While first impressions have to do with the first look people get of your home from the outside, don’t downplay what a replacement can do for your home’s interior. For example, the size and location of your windows may mean the difference between a dull-looking living room and a cozy, brightly-lit one.
  • Don’t forget function. You may be more concerned about how windows affect your home visually but you can’t separate form and function in replacements. That’s essentially a good thing because that means not only will your new windows make your home look great but they can also make it more comfortable and energy-efficient, which can also affect impressions about your property. As a general rule, make sure your windows are suitable for the local climate you’re in.

Getting new windows sounds nice, right? Head on over to Part 2 of this blog series to learn more about another upgrade: better doors.

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