Making First Impressions Last: 3 Top Upgrades for Your Home – Part 2: Better Doors

Feb 15, 2016

Aside from new windows, you know what’s another great way for your home to catch attention? Better doors! They play a unique role when it comes to leaving a good impression because a person may notice your home’s profile and colors first but eventually their attention will be drawn to your doors. Naturally, if they’re old and dilapidated, they won’t make your guests and passersby go “wow.” Damaged panels, mold growth, water spots, cracks, and bloating have that effect, after all.

What You Can Do

There are different doors in your home, most prominent of which is your entry door. As the main entryway into your home, it is one of the first things people notice when they get to your property. Patio doors also deserve your attention as they mediate between indoor and outdoor living spaces, making them impossible to ignore when you have guests over. Knowing what kind of door you are replacing is important because it will allow you to choose one specifically suited for its purpose.

When it comes to making good first impressions, however, you’d want to focus on your entry door. More than just being one of the first things that people see, entry doors also see a lot of traffic so they inevitably experience a lot of wear and tear. When choosing a replacement, focus on door material.

Material Matters

Wood, for instance, will look great. No doubt about that. However, their beauty fades away eventually when proper upkeep is not carried out, which can unfortunately be tedious and time-consuming. If you’re keen on something easier to maintain but don’t want to compromise aesthetics, consider Like windows, doors can be customized to fit whatever needs you might have. Take advantage of customization options available to you to ensure that you get a door replacement that grabs attention for all the right reasons.

What’s the third upgrade option? Siding! Head on over to Part 3 of this blog series to learn how to make new siding work for your home.

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