Window Backsplashes Made More Stylish

Feb 08, 2017

Windows help define the style of your home. Choosing casement windows over picture windows makes a big difference, especially in certain areas of the house. For the kitchen, windows provide a boost of natural light and character if well placed.

Window Backsplashes

Here are some unique kitchen window design ideas from Valiant Home Remodelers:

Use Casement Windows in Combination with Fixed Windows

Casement windows can provide much-needed additional ventilation in your kitchen. This helps eliminate odors, especially if you do a lot of cooking in your home. When installing windows in Edison, NJ, we suggest placing one fixed window beside two casement windows for aesthetic balance.

Frame Garden Windows With Tiles

Garden windows project outward like bow or bay windows, but they are smaller, making them perfect as part of your backsplash. The tiles around the frames will connect your garden windows seamlessly to your existing kitchen design. Another option is to install a continuous pane of glass that runs the length of the countertop.

Eliminate Corner Frames

Your Edison, NJ, windows can cover corners without breaking the illusion of a continuous pane. Valiant Home Remodelers may use a clear caulk instead of a frame to achieve this look. To add variation, use bow or bay windows on the other side of the kitchen.

Let the Light in, but Protect Your Privacy

Opaque glass blocks can make an excellent alternative to clear glass for windows in your kitchen. They provide enhanced privacy by obscuring the view from the outside, while still allowing warm, natural light to flood your kitchen.

Valiant Home Remodelers aims to give each house a unique touch while maximizing the space in every area of your home. For replacement windows in Edison that improve your house’s value, functionality, and comfort, contact Valiant Home Remodelers at (732) 333-6233.

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