Why Look for Windows with the ENERGY STAR ® Seal?

Oct 20, 2016

When looking for replacement windows in Edison, NJ, window experts recommend looking for ones that bear the ENERGY STAR® seal. What is this seal and why is it so important for your new windows to have it? Let Valiant Home Remodelers explain.

Window Experts


ENERGY STAR is the standard for energy-efficient products in the U.S., including home features, such as doors and windows. Windows with the program’s seal have passed the minimum requirements for them to be considered energy-efficient. You’ll notice that windows with the ENERGY STAR seal usually have one or more energy-efficient features, such as PVC or composite frames and low-E glazing.

Lower Bills for Higher Savings

Monroe, NJ, replacement windows with the ENERGY STAR seal provide better insulation, which means your heating or air-conditioning unit will have an easier time regulating indoor temperatures. This effectively reduces the amount of energy used and helps you save money by bringing down your monthly electric and/or fuel bill.

More Comfort Indoors

As having a consistent indoor temperature is easier with energy-efficient windows, you don’t have to worry about experiencing drafts during cold weather or overheating during warmer times of the year. Your house becomes a true place of relaxation and comfort.

Protection for Your Property

By installing energy-efficient windows during your next window replacement in Carteret, NJ, you can also improve the lifespan of those devices greatly affected by extreme temperatures such as computers and other electronic devices. Windows with low-E glass also help reduce UV damage like fading and discoloration on of your floors and furniture.

Minimize Environmental Impact

Your carbon footprint measures the amount of CO2 emissions during various activities. The bigger the carbon footprint, the greater the effect it has on the environment. Since energy usage at home makes up more than 1/4 of your carbon footprint, switching to windows with the ENERGY STAR seal can minimize your carbon footprint impact.

Ready to switch to energy-efficient windows? At Valiant Home Remodelers, we offer energy-efficient windows from trusted brands such as Sunrise® Windows, Seaway Manufacturing, and Vanguard. Call us at (732) 541-7966 or fill out our contact form.

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