Use Windows Wisely: Additional Seating Areas Around the House

Feb 14, 2017

Bay and bow windows are a great addition to any home because they are more than just windows. With the right placement and the addition of multi-purpose items, they can be used for a charming seating nook in any part of your house.

Use Windows Wisely

Not sure about that window replacement in Carteret, NJ yet? Here, Valiant Home Remodelers shares some unique ideas about how your windows can double as seating and other useful equipment in your home:

Reading Nook

That small corner space by your bay window can be functional if you install a cozy love chair or bench. Throw in some colorful cushions and place a bookshelf nearby, and you’ve created a delightful reading nook. Bow  windows also provide ample room for creativity when it comes to unique seating options.

Kids’ Corner Storage Space

With floor-length curtains over your replacement windows in Edison, NJ to divide the space and give it some privacy, along with seating options that have hidden storage, you’ve given your children a space they can call their own. This also allows for faster cleanup of toys. Whenever the kids want to play, just pull out their toys from the hidden storage drawer under the bench. Think of it as a modern version of a fort.

Conversation Hub

Place an oversized sofa by your living room bay or bow windows to create an unofficial conversation hub when you’re entertaining. To make the space look more put together, choose curtains and cushions of the same color. This also makes the space look bigger, especially if you choose lighter shades such as green or beige.

Relaxation Zone

Set your desk to one side of your office and add a comfy couch by your Monroe, NJ replacement windows to create a corner for relaxation. When you need a break from all the paperwork and stress, you can sink back into your comfy couch for a rejuvenating rest.

The secret to a beautiful home is the wise use of space. Valiant Home Remodelers helps you maximize the space in your home by improving the functionality of each area. Call (732) 541-7966 today for a free estimate.

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