Are Your Windows Due for a Replacement?

Oct 27, 2016

People want to make the most out of their windows by keeping them as long as possible. Nonetheless, there are times when replacing them is the better choice. Check out these common signs that you need to get new windows in Edison, NJ.

Window Replacement

Your Windows Are Past Their Life Span

When windows have reached their expected life span, they tend to be structurally weaker and prone to damage. This means you have to repair older windows more often. Over time, the total cost of repairs can be greater than having them replaced. Be sure to consult Valiant Home Remodelers as your windows start to age.. We’ll provide you with energy-efficient replacements.

The Damage Is Too Severe

While minor window problems are easy to repair, it’s not the same for severe signs of damage. For example, it’s easier to get our replacement windows in Edison than fix windows with shattered or missing glass panes. This is especially true if necessary  parts are already too costly or difficult to find.

Your Utility Bills are Higher

Old or damaged windows have a negative effect on your home’s energy efficiency because they can cause drafts or let regulated indoor air escape. The longer you stick with your old windows, the more you lose in terms of energy-efficiency. The best way to prevent this is to get a new set of windows with more energy-efficient features. Fortunately, our windows at Valiant Home Remodelers come with the COMMENT: Energy seal is a brand of caulk and such.  I think you’re misusing it here.  You really don’t mean Energy Seal  That means you can expect better energy efficiency for your home.

You Want to Enhance Your Home’s Appearance

Getting new Edison, NJ, windows isn’t just for better functionality. If you want to update your home’s look, switching to newer windows can be a major improvement. This is also the perfect opportunity to switch to materials with a different texture or sash pattern. By giving your windows a makeover, you can even enhance the curb appeal of your home.

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