Energy Efficiency: Taking the Limelight in Home Improvement

Mar 28, 2017

According to the latest study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies, energy efficiency is the hottest emerging trend in the world of remodeling. Among all sustainable home improvements that discerning and environmentally-conscious homeowners prioritize, better energy performance is the top motivation for an upgrade.

Energy Efficiency

As the authority in window replacement in Carteret, NJ, Valiant Home Remodelers wants to share some of the takeaways from the report and the practical benefits of embracing energy efficiency. Leading the way in sustainable remodeling, there’s no surprise more homeowners are spending on it these days:

Improve, Not Move

One of the revelations of the study is that owners of older households tend to invest in green home improvements rather than move into complete new residences. The slow real estate growth in those areas may be a factor, but retrofitting their homes with eco-friendly features is still something that cannot be ignored.

The rise of energy-efficient upgrades indicates a deeper awareness of the benefits of sustainability. Beyond enhanced curb appeal and strengthened security, customers now want to have a new roof and replacement windows in Edison, NJ, for better energy performance.

Comfort for Less

More than anything else, the newfound fondness of homeowners towards green living is due to reduced energy cost. The promise of keeping your home naturally cool during summer and warm during winter is the game-changer.

Thanks to several product advancements, replacement windows are now able to block most of the infrared and UV radiation without affecting clarity. And because of modern glass technologies, the insulating value of windows has dramatically increased.

Smart homeowners know that upgrading to efficient window systems will pay for itself over time. Perhaps best of all, installing qualified window products might earn you federal tax credits.

The Green Appeal

Even if you have no plans to change addresses in the foreseeable future, the high return on investment potential of new vinyl windows doesn’t make their purchase less attractive. If you pick the right materials, you may be able to recoup more than 70% of your investment at resale. With this value, an energy-efficient improvement would certainly give you more bang for your buck.

Take your home’s energy performance to new heights. Call Valiant Home Remodelers now at (732) 541-7966 and tell us the project you want to prioritize.

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