4 Key Features An Ideal Entry Door Should Have

Mar 30, 2017

An entry is one of the most important architectural elements in your home. Considering its crucial role in curb appeal, security, and energy efficiency, you should be particular with its features to ensure you’d get the right one for your home.

4 Key Features Your Ideal Entry Door Should Have

As the premier source of Woodbridge, NJ, doors, Valiant Home Remodelers wants to share with you four key features that all high-quality entry doors have in common. Without any one of these attributes, you can’t really expect your door to deliver the best:

Fiberglass or Steel Frame

Of all the materials on the market, fiberglass and steel are two of the most sought-after for great reasons. Simply put, they outpace practically any other choices in beauty, endurance, maintenance, energy efficiency, and security. No wonder most homeowners across the country put a premium on both solutions.

As a matter of fact, fiberglass and steel doors let you recoup 82% and 91% of your investment at resale—according to the latest Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling Magazine.

ENERGY STAR®–Rated System

Impressive energy performance is a non-negotiable requirement in today’s Monroe doors. It might not play as big a role as your roof, siding, and windows, but an efficient entry door will help minimize heat loss from your home.

While most manufacturers are attempting to make headway in the area of energy efficiency, the performance of ProVia® products is arguably ahead of the pack. Using the polyurethane core, highly ENERGY STAR-rated ProVia doors are virtually unrivaled in heat retention.

Decorative Sidelites

They may be optional, but stylish sidelights add elegance to your entry door. They also promote daylighting to help illuminate your interiors naturally. Thanks to the decorative glass, having sidelights lets you see when someone is outside without opening the door and giving up your privacy or security.

Ageless Finish                                                                                                                                

Entry doors in Woodbridge should not have to be replaced often. They should last long and continue to look newly minted for years to come. At the very least, the finish of your entry door should remain as stunning as it was when it was installed for the next  seven or more years.

Let Valiant Home Remodelers help you find the perfect entry door for your home. Call us now at (732) 541-7966. Through us, you can learn more about the winning features of our products and the countless ways to customize your fixture.

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