Winter Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

Nov 18, 2015

For most homeowners, winter means having fun in the snow with their families. It can also mean dealing with freezing temperatures, ice dams, and water leakages. To prepare your home for the cold months ahead, it’s crucial that you winterize your home.

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Valiant Home Remodelers, the premier provider of roofing, windows, and siding in Woodbridge, NJ, has all the ideas you need in preparing your home. Use this handy winter maintenance checklist to get started:

1. Caulk and seal cracks along the siding. Gaps and cracks provide an entry for water leakages caused by melting snow. The siding is the most prone to these issues. By caulking and sealing cracks, you can improve the durability of your home’s exteriors. You can seal wide gaps by filling these with foam backer rods topped with caulk.

2. Place weather stripping in doors and windows. Weather stripping in doors and windows ensure that your home remains warmer and cozier during winter. Be sure that your weather stripping remains intact to prevent cold from entering your home and heat from leaking. This will also improve your home’s energy efficiency.

3. Clean and repair your gutters. Ice dams remain the number one problem of many homeowners during winter. Upon melting, they can allow water to seep through your ceilings and walls, causing water damage. Cleaning and repairing your roofing system, including its gutters, will protect your home. These tasks require specialization, so make sure to entrust your roofing and gutter protection to Valiant Home Remodelers.

4. Insulate your attic. Your attic temperature can cause ice dams. The heat coming from the attic causes melting snow to trickle down your roof. When the melting snow re-freezes, ice dams are formed. Prevent ice dams by sealing air leaks and making sure that your attic’s ventilation systems are working properly.

By simply following this checklist, you can create an added protection for your home against the winter elements. It’s important, however, to seek the help of a professional home improvement firm to make sure that every aspect of your project is done efficiently. Rely on Valiant Home Remodelers to take care of your Woodbridge, NJ siding, windows, doors, and roofing. As a trusted, licensed company in New Jersey, we are committed to delivering quality products and services to our clients. From roofing to replacement window installation, we can meet your needs.

For any concerns that you may have going into the winter season, get in touch with Valiant Home Remodelers. Call us at (732) 541-7966 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with your project.

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