Window Style Series: The Benefits of Casement Windows

Jul 25, 2015

Many homeowners now prefer to install casement windows because of their benefits. Known for its touch of Prairie and Tudor influence, a casement window is a hinged type that swings in and out. It features hinges, a frame, and a handle or crank.

When it comes to windows in Edison, NJ, the casement type is a popular choice because it provides ventilation and energy efficiency, while still being low maintenance. Let’s see how a casement window adds value to your home:

  • It ventilates and insulates your home

Since a casement window swings opens like a door with the entire window frame allowing air and nice breeze in, it can keep your home cool. You’ll no longer have to rely on your air conditioner as frequently. Moreover, these windowshave two or three panes of glass that provide superior insulation through the coatings and gases between them. This keeps warm air in during the cold months and out during the summer, resulting in lower energy bills.

  • It’s easy to maintain

Cleaning this type of windows doesn’t take much time and energy. As the panes open up widely, you have easy access to both sides of the windows, allowing you to clean them thoroughly. You’’ll be sure to have a spotless view of the outdoors.

  • It provides extra security
    In areas like Edison, NJ, the windows can be a way to break into houses. Fortunately, installing a casement window can help prevent such crimes. Unlike wooden windows that are easy to break, casement types have a strong hook to lock. It takes a lot of effort to break the hook. In addition, a pry bar can’t be used to break the window through the sash. Our Edison, NJ, windows ensure security, allowing you and your family to sleep soundly at night.

Given these features and advantages, it’s no wonder why casement windows are becoming more popular. To ensure proper installation and find the best casement window for your home, you still need to call an skill, reliable contractor to do the job. At Valiant Home Remodelers, we’ll make sure to boost your home’s comfort and curb appeal by installing the right windows. We offer a range of replacement windows, including casements.

For more information and advice on casement windows, do not hesitate to call Valiant Home Remodelers at (732) 541-7966 now.

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