Tips to Avoid Bad Contractors: Check for Red Flags First

Aug 25, 2014

When done right, a home improvement project has many benefits like improved comfort, energy efficiency, and curb appeal, to name a few. Unless you know how to do this yourself, you’re going to need a contractor to help you out. Remember that this project is a big investment that could cost you thousands of dollars in expense. This is why you have to select the right contractor to utilize its full value.

However, when selecting a contractor, there are many factors to consider. While, there are some reputable companies that do honest work, there are still a lot of tricksters out there trying to score a quick buck. If you’d like to avoid doing business with dodgy contractors, here’s what you need to look out for before hiring:

  • Not operating out of pickup truck – The company that you’re planning to hire should have a permanent address you can refer to. This is to ensure that you have a place to contact if something goes wrong or if there’s a case of faulty installation.
  • Insurance – A contractor needs to have the necessary insurance to ensure that you’re not financially liable should anything go wrong with the project.
  • Licensing – Before a contractor can begin to operate, they need to secure licenses from the different divisions on consumer affairs. This will ensure they adhere to the standards set by the state.
  • Community involvement – Does the contractor have community involvement activities? This is to show that the contractor isn’t all about home remodeling, but also has reputation for giving back to the community.

Once you’ve considered these, the choice becomes clearer. You know now that for new Monroe doors, windows, siding, or roofing, Valiant Home Remodelers is the best choice.

  • We are fully licensed to operate in Monroe and other neighboring areas, adhering to the standards.
  • We have the necessary insurance to protect our clients.
  • We have a permanent address you can refer to at all times.
  • You can help give back to community through our charity arm, the Michael J. Valiant Sr. Foundation.

Remember that home remodeling is a big investment. Make sure you hire contractors like us at Valiant Home Remodelers who have a proven good track record in the community. For more information on our Woodbridge NJ doors, windows, roofing, and siding, contact Valiant Home Remodelers today!

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