The Thermal Enclosure System: The Role of Windows and Siding

Sep 23, 2015

An energy-efficient home will be more comfortable and cost-effective. To achieve this, your home needs a complete thermal enclosure system. This system has several parts, including air sealing, properly installed insulation, reduced thermal bridging, and high performance windows.


Valiant Home Remodelers can help you through our insulated siding and replacement window products.

Reduced Thermal Bridging

The walls of typical homes are built with wood studs. These support the weight of the roof and the floors above. While most exterior walls have insulation between these wood studs, the studs themselves don’t insulate well. Energy can still escape through a process called thermal bridging. Wall studs compose up to 25% of every wall; combined, it’s as if an entire side of your home is not insulated. Insulated vinyl siding will fix this problem.

Fortunately, we’re not just experts on windows in Edison, NJ; we’re also a Vinyl Siding Institute Certified installer. Our craftsmen have demonstrated their skills and knowledge based on the industry standard for vinyl siding installation, ASTM 4756. We’re qualified to install insulated siding from CertainTeed and Exterior Portfolio, so your home will benefit from increased energy efficiency.

High Performance Windows

As for replacement windows, we can provide you with energy-efficient products from Sunrise® Windows and Doors. Sunrise manufactures their windows from high quality vinyl and fills their frames with insulating foam to protect your home from energy loss. In addition, their dual and triple pane glass have a low-E coating that reflects heat.

These Edison, NJ, windows can help reduce your energy bills. After we install your replacement windows, your home will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Increased temperature stability will reduce the workload on your utility systems. Since you no longer need to consume as much energy, you’ll save money on bills.

Rely on ENERGY STAR® certified products for your home. These products meet strict and rigorous standards for energy efficiency so you can be sure that these will be effective. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to improve virtually any kind of home. When you work with us, our specialists will make sure to explain how our products are going to help save you money. Give us a call to learn more about our products and services or to get a free in-home estimate.

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