The Aesthetic and Functional Value of Garden Windows

Jun 30, 2015

Despite the name, garden windows are found not only in any room adjoining a garden. The name arose because homeowners in the 1980s used them for houseplants. Even if you’re not one for indoor plants, they’re an aesthetically unique window option. Valiant Home Remodelers explores the garden window and the many ways it makes a great addition to your home.

Garden Windows

The Garden Window Basics

What immediately sets garden windows in Edison, NJ, apart from other styles is their unique look. They’re similar to bay and bow windows in that they project out of a room except they’re much smaller in size. Two things are unique to garden windows: The first is a sloping roof that allows for water runoff. The second is the trapezoidal side vents that open up completely for maximum ventilation.

The Best Uses for Garden Windows

If you really want to enjoy a garden window as it’s intended, you can put in a couple of potted plants or flowers. Placed in your kitchen or sitting area, it brings nature into the room. It’s a perfect complement to color themes that emphasize lighter earth tones. A great bonus with garden windows is that they look as great from the outside as they do from the inside. That second-floor bathroom window can instantly transform into a gorgeous floating garden.

But what if you don’t fancy having a garden? There are still many design options for your garden window. You can put any small-sized decor on the sill or even leave it bare to allow a lot more sunlight to stream in—suffusing your kitchen, bathroom, or sitting area with a lot of natural light. This better highlights what’s in the room and also has a relaxing effect on people.

For Edison, NJ, windows that are unique and add a beautiful aesthetic to your home, go for garden windows. They’re open to many different creative interpretations and bring in a lot of sunlight and fresh air. Reach out to us at Valiant Home Remodelers today, and we’ll help you find the perfect solutions to all your home improvement needs.

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