Stand Out with These Three Great Home Projects

Apr 20, 2015

For some people, a home is just a structure. For others, it’s an extension of their personality, making character an important quality in their home. If you’re part of the latter, you’re in luck. Valiant Home Remodelers has a list of the three best home projects that will help you stand out in your neighborhood—with a few great extras to boot.

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Windows: Bring in the light!

After the gloominess of winter, using replacement windows in Edison, NJ to brighten up your home is a great way to start the new season. Since this is a list to impress, of course we’re talking about impressive bow and bay and wide picture windows. There’s a two-fold advantage to investing in these types of windows. First is that it lets in a lot of natural light into your home, while the second is that it lets you take in glorious views of the outdoors.

Doors: Make the best first impression

Your front door is the first thing that visitors to your home will focus on. It’s a chance to make a good impression and we can help you with that through the ProVia® doors we carry. They come in a range of styles and designs but still offer a number of customization options to give you the kind of door you want exactly. Additionally, ProVia® doors feature cores that minimize air in leakage to help you save on energy costs. It’s a win-win situation!

Sunroom: Entertain in style

The ultimate in home improvement projects, a sunroom will definitely make your home stand out as it combines the best elements modern construction materials can offer. Picture a section of your home walled-in with the tallest, clearest picture window. Its access points an equally bright sliding or French patio door. All that glass lends spaciousness, making it an inviting part of your home. Great for entertaining guests!

Valiant Home Remodelers has been in business since 1956. Family-owned, we have maintained a tradition of excellence to give you only the best in door and window replacement in Carteret, NJ. Fill out a request form today to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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