Solar Screens: Screening Out the Sunlight Effectively

Jun 01, 2015

With summer here again, it often becomes a mad scramble to get the home ready to face the heat. In the rush to figure out how to make your home’s cooling system more efficient or to make sure the windows are keeping both the warm air out and filtering out the harmful ultraviolet rays, it’s easy to overlook two old, reliable options when it comes to cooling your home and improving your energy efficiency: solar screens and new replacement windows. Here are a couple of reasons why you should keep solar screens and new replacement windows in mind this summer:

Solar screens are energy-efficient.

Solar screens and new replacement windows in Edison, NJ can both greatly reduce the heat and glare from sunlight. It is easy to underestimate just how extensive sunlight’s impact can be on your home’s overall energy efficiency. The fact is, however, that direct, radiant sunlight is a significant source of heat, so much so that it can increase your cooling costs in the summer and also burden your air conditioner at the same time. By installing a solar screen or new replacement windows, you can keep out a large percentage of the sunlight that would otherwise be adding to the heat in your home.

Solar screens and new replacement windows can help preserve your furniture.

Damaging ultraviolet light is one of the leading causes of furniture and fabrics deteriorating over time. With replacement windows’ and solar screens’ ability to block out a significant amount of sunlight, they serve to limit the amount of ultraviolet damage your furnishings sustain, increasing their lifetime and preserving their beauty.

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