Primary Features of Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

Nov 25, 2015

With the wide range of options on window and door styles, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. Fortunately, one factor can make your decision-making easier: energy-efficiency.

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Energy-efficient windows and doors have become increasingly popular. The benefits these can provide to homes make them important, as well. Apart from keeping your home insulated, energy-efficiency can also help cut down on utility bills by reducing the risk of energy loss.

For door and window replacement in Carteret, NJ, it’s important that you consider getting energy-efficient units. What makes windows and doors energy-efficient? Valiant Home Remodelers explains some of the primary features that make up energy-efficient windows and doors.

● Proper number of glass panes – Two or three layers of glass in your windows or doors can ensure greater protection for your home. While this can be true in some areas, you need the help of experts to know the proper number of glass panes you need in your specific region. You can figure your window and door’s energy efficiency by paying attention to this important aspect. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, some window manufacturers choose to fill the space in between the windowpanes. They do so with inert gas, whether it’s argon or krypton. Through this, there is a higher resistance to heat flow than air.

● Energy-saving materials – Your material choice also contributes to the energy efficiency of your windows and doors. Most of our windows and doors have the ENERGY STAR® label, making them the best choice in improving your home’s energy efficiency and providing the potential for Federal Tax Energy credits.

● Low-E glass coating – Low-E coatings have the ability to reduce the amount of UV rays entering the glass, keeping your furniture protected from fading. These can also reflect heat away from your home during the hottest months, and inside during the coldest months.

If you’re looking for new doors or replacement windows in Edison, NJ, and the surrounding areas, Valiant Home Remodelers are here to help. We provide high quality products specifically designed to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Rest assured that our windows come from the leading brands. With our decades-long experience installing doors and windows, we are the trusted name in any home improvement project.

Learn more on how we can help transform your home into a more energy-efficient one. Call us at (732) 541-7966 to get your FREE in-home estimate today.

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