Popular Windows That Provide Air & Sunlight

May 25, 2015

Windows in Edison, NJ do more than just let the breeze and sunlight in. Modern technology has turned windows into an important part of your home’s insulation, directly impacting its energy efficiency throughout the year. Modern windows are built to filter out both the heat and the noise of the outside world without affecting your ability to let the light in.

Obviously, the style of the window plays a big part in how it affects homes and living spaces. Not all windows are built on the same template; using different window styles to complement the various rooms in your house can improve the way the fresh air and light enter your rooms.

Double-hung windows are the most common type of windows in Edison, and across the United States. Featuring two window sashes that slide vertically on different rails, they let in air and light without protruding past the walls of your house.

Picture windows feature an unmoving glass pane that captures the outside world in it like a picture frame does a photo. Picture windows let in the maximum amount of light and are surprisingly energy-efficient, mainly because they cannot be opened, thus keeping your home sealed from the outside.

Bay and bow windows project outward from the exterior wall, providing what amounts to a small balcony overlooking the outside. With multiple panes that can be opened to let in the air, bay and bow windows not only brighten up a room, but they also add a spacious feel to whatever area they are situated in.

Similar to, but smaller than a bay or bow window, garden windows typically frame a small piece of the area immediately outside, such as a garden or yard. Small panes on the sides can be operated to let the air in, while keeping the area outside solidly in view.

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