Outdoor Retractable Solar Screens

Jun 04, 2014

Currently, one of the fastest growing home improvement products is Solar Screens – exterior mounted fabric screens designed to shade outdoor areas or windows. Initially used to block the UV rays that cause sun rot and fabric fading on interior furnishings, and to keep solar heat outside, they provide obvious energy and money saving benefits during the cooling season.

An increasingly popular use for which Solar Screens have been found ideally suited is recapture of outdoor living spaces, such as patios and decks, which depending on design and exposure to the sun, can become fairly useless due to high temperatures, sun glare, and/or insects. By regaining the usefulness of outdoor living space, Solar Screens can provide, in essence, “retractable outdoor rooms.”

It is also worth noting something about their composition and nature:

  • Since they are retractable (and motorized), the homeowner determines how and when they are used.
  • Despite their usefulness, Solar Screens aren’t ugly. In fact they are visually pleasing and can add beauty to a home. They come in a wide array of decorative colors, styles, and transparency.
  • They allow a pleasant amount of light and breezes to come through while maintaining excellent outward visibility and added privacy and security.
  • Solar screens are stronger than traditional insect screens and are generally designed to avoid damage from pet clawing, tears and scratches.
  • They allow interior window treatments to be kept open.

With all of these possibilities and advantages, it’s not surprising that Solar Screens are among the hottest products on the home improvement market. (Or should that be among the coolest products?)

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