New Roof Alert: Signs You Need a New Roof

Nov 17, 2014

Being cautious and observant about your surroundings should be second nature to homeowners. These are traits that can help you tell if there is something wrong with your home, like your roof or your windows in Edison NJ. Here are a few signs to look out for to ensure that your roof remains in good repair.

Sign #1: Increased energy use.

Your monthly energy bill has arrived, and you’ve noticed an increase in energy consumption. The increase may seem normal with the cold weather fast approaching – but you shouldn’t just think of that possibility. One of the possible causes for increased energy consumption is that your attic may be getting insufficient ventilation, letting the heat escape out of your home instead of keeping you warm.

Sign #2: Worn-out shingles.

You notice something’s wrong with your shingles. You have shingles on the ground, or some are missing, some cracked, some bent, and some are already loose. They may be telling you that it’s about time they retire and you have new shingles replace them.

Sign #3: Mold and mildew formation.

The thing with mold and mildew is, they only form when there is the abundance of moisture in the atmosphere – so your ventilation may already be dysfunctional to a point that it can no longer control and balance the temperatures in your home effectively.

Sign #4: Paint problems.

If your paint is peeling away, there might be a problem with your ventilation. Excessive humidity within a home, which can cause paint peeling, is caused by poor ventilation.

Sign #5: Water leaks.

Leaks are perhaps the most obvious sign that you need a new roof. If there are leaks in your attic, the leak must be pretty large – only really large leaks are apt to infiltrate through the layers of your roof.

Notice signs of the above issues in your home? If so, it’s time have your roof checked by our professionals at Valiant Home Remodelers. If you have problems with other components of your home as well, such as your Edison NJ windows, we can also help you with that. We look forward to working with you!

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