Making First Impressions Last: 3 Top Upgrades for Your Home – Part 3: Improved Siding

Feb 22, 2016

Second only to the roof in terms of size and visibility, the siding acts as your home’s skin, and is easily one of the most important factors in defining your home’s overall look. While windows and doors provide the smaller details, it’s the siding that defines the base color of your home. Of course, updating the look of your siding isn’t just about adding fresh new panels and being done with it. You have to understand that there are several factors that can make or break the look of your new siding.

What to Consider

Believe it or not, the color of your siding can affect how large or small your home will look like. Lighter shades tend to make the home look bigger, while darker tones make it seem smaller. Does that automatically mean that you should go for brighter colors? It depends. For instance, if you have a small house with limited lot space, you can take advantage of lighter-colored siding to make your property appear bigger. Even the siding style used can have an effect on how other people see your home, however. For example, using vertical siding makes a property appear taller while horizontal siding gives the illusion of width. This means you can improve the effect of your siding’s color if you use the right lines to emphasize it.

Aside from colors and siding style, you should also pay attention to your home’s overall visual theme. Thin lap siding, for instance, always looks good on traditionally styled homes but doesn’t work as well in more modern properties. For a unique appearance, don’t hesitate to check out less common patterns such as octagon or half-round cladding.

Updating your home requires a serious amount of time, patience, and resources. BUT you’ll find the effort to be well worth it when you see the look on people’s faces when they lay their eyes on your remodeled property for the first time. For more on how to upgrade your home, don’t hesitate to give your local remodeling contractor a call.

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