Key Factors to Consider When Replacing Your Windows

Mar 29, 2016

Windows should make your home look beautiful and protect you from the elements. This is why it’s important to replace them as soon as they start showing signs of serious problems, such as air leaks and damaged window frames. To complete your window replacement project in the most efficient way possible, here are the factors you should consider.

• Current window type

The type of windows in Edison, NJ, you have now can affect the way your new windows will be installed. If your old windows are made of metal, some window contractors will likely use the interior trim to hide the old window frame. On the other hand, if the windows are made of wood, a contractor may remove the interior or exterior stops and the sash while leaving the perimeter frame in place.

• Window material

Wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, and other materials can be used to make replacement windows. Before you settle for a specific material, however, determine their characteristics in advance so you’ll know which of them suits you best. For instance, vinyl is affordable, durable, and maintenance-free. Wood, meanwhile, is popular for its attractive looks. Fiberglass offers excellent insulation.

• Glass options

To make your home more energy-efficient, consider the glass options available to you. With replacement windows, you can choose between single-glazed or double-glazed windows. It is advisable get windows with Low-E, or low-emissivity, coating. These windows are great at blocking heat and UV rays from the sun and keeping your home cool during hot summer months.

• Contractor

No matter how reliable your chosen window replacements are, they won’t do you any good if they are not installed properly. To get the best results, look for a reliable contractor to provide you with quality window replacement services. Check their reputation, experience, license, and insurance before settling for a particular window company.

At Valiant Home Remodelers, helping our clients install new Edison, NJ, windows is something we’re very good at. We offer a range of quality replacement windows from top manufacturers. In addition, we can ensure great installation.

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