Keep Those Windows Open with Proper Balances Installed

Sep 04, 2014

Your windows provide natural light, air circulation, and insulation to your home. Letting the air in is can allow a healthy circulation of air. The fresh breeze from the outside could get rid of that stale and make your home more comfortable. With that being said, have you ever checked if your windows can still stay open? Are the mechanisms still properly functioning?

A window stays open via the balances. These are either spirals or side load channels. If they fail to open properly, this could mean that the balances are damaged. It could be due to wear and tear or because of old age. If this is becoming a headache for you, have you considered window replacement in Carteret NJ?

Why should your windows have proper balances? According to this article on, opening the windows from time to time has benefits:

Introducing fresh air into your home will help circulate chi energies, stirring and moving stagnant air out of your rooms. Even when the weather is on the chilly side outdoors it is good to open a window for a few minutes at least once a week in each room of your home.

Those benefits are too good to pass up. This is why you should invest in replacement windows in Edison NJ with the right kind of balances to provide your home with a breath of fresh air. We at Valiant Home Remodelers can provide you with top quality windows with durable balances included.

Keeping stale air too long in the house might not be healthy for you and your family. Keep those windows open to keep the air circulating for your wellness and comfort. For more information on window balances or the benefits of proper air circulation, contact Valiant Home Remodelers today!

(Article Excerpt from Open a Window,, n.d.)

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