How to Protect Yourself from the Wrong Contractors

Jul 28, 2014

If you are in need of any work done or your home, finding the right contractor is essential to the success of your project. But how do you know if a contractor is reliable if you have no experience with them? One thing you have to watch for is if they ask you for too much money upfront.

I need the money upfront”: The CT Better Business Bureau lists this as the most common ruse, which is why it earns our top spot on the list. The roofer will try to say this is necessary because he/she needs to order shingles, tiles, or flashing materials before the project starts, therefore guaranteeing some money once they disappear. Some legitimate contractors will ask for $1,000 upfront, as this amount is actually a legally allowed amount so that a serious customer-contractor relationship can be established. Contractors will not ask more than this, because if they are a genuine company, their suppliers will provide them equipment on credit until after the payment has been received.

It’s easy to find a professional to fix broken windows in Edison NJ, but making sure your money isn’t wasted on a substandard (if not unfinished) window replacement project, can be an entirely different matter. Here are a few tips than can help you find reputable contractors and avoid bad deals.

Do your homework

You can’t always expect other people to tell you where to find the best Edison NJ windows experts, but you can always start searching yourself. A good way to start your search would be to make a list of contractors near your area and see if each one is registered with the local consumer affairs division.

Check for complaints

Disappointed clients often file complaints against bad contractors, and it’s only a matter of checking in with the local business bureau. Don’t forget to factor in the contractor’s experience. Expect long-time contractors to have a few complaints, but a company with four complaints from 20 completed projects still looks more reputable than a contractor with a single complaint after five completed projects.

Read the contract

Check each contractor’s contract before signing anything. This is to make sure that you and the contractor agree on everything involved in the project. If you think the contractor is asking for something outside what you’ve agreed upon, you may want to think about looking for another contractor. Just by remembering these three steps, you’ve already protected yourself from ending up with a bad deal.

(Excerpt taken from – Roofing Contractor Scams to Avoid)

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