Home Improvement Checklist: Prepare Your Windows for 2015

Dec 22, 2014

This year may be an ideal time for you to do the things that you have been putting off such as learning a new skill and travelling to a new place. But before you do those, make sure that your home is ready for the wonderful things this year may give you. One home improvement projects that you should mind is keeping your window in good condition.

Windows are important components of your house as they provide an entry point for natural light and keep your home ventilated. To ensure that they function properly, Valiant Home Remodelers shares these tips on how you can have windows that are ready for 2015:

  1. Clean your windows. Make sure that your window panes are free of dust and dirt so you can take pleasure from the beauty of the outdoors and protect your family’s health at the same time. Clean your windows with a squeegee and a mild soap solution on a cloudy day to avoid streaks that may be caused by exposure to sunlight and heat.

Having clean windows is a contributing factor to your family’s health as you would prevent dust particles that may circulate around your home especially when your air-conditioning system is on.

  1. Inspect. Check your windows for drafts as they can increase your energy consumption. You can test your windows’ air tightness by holding a lighted incense or match in front of their edges on a windy day. If the smoke blows inwards then it’s time for you to reapply caulking or change your weather stripping.
  2. Weatherproof. If you would like to reduce your cooling and heating costs, insulating your windows may be a fitting solution. For windows that you don’t need to operate often, you may install clear window covers made of plastic either inside or outside your windows.

Some of your windows may still be in good condition but others may already require some repairs. At worst, windows that are already past their expected service life must be replaced for your protection and security.

Let a professional contactor such as Valiant Home Remodelers help you with your window concerns. We offer different styles for your Monroe NJ replacement windows. Our company is committed to serving homeowners in Carteret, Woodbridge, East Brunswick, Edison, and Monroe so they can benefit from having a comfortable home all year round.

If you are in need of window replacement in Edison NJ, call us at (732) 333-62223 for a FREE estimate. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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