Features of an Ideal Replacement Door

Oct 09, 2015

Your entry door gives your visitors a glimpse of your personality and in this endeavor, a plain, tired door won’t do. If it’s time to let go of your old door, let Valiant Home Remodelers help you choose the kind that suits your character and your needs. We list the features you should look for when selecting a replacement door.


Aesthetic Value

Your door must be tough enough to withstand the elements and harsh weather conditions, but handsome enough to create a positive first impression. At Valiant Home Remodelers, we offer more than 500 styles of Monroe doors in our catalog. We’ll surely help you achieve the kind of curb appeal that you prefer.


Central New Jersey is often subject to storm threats, making a solid door a smart investment. Our trained and certified technicians install replacement doors by some of the best brands in the industry. We even install doors that can protect your home against strong winds and flying debris during storm season. Our storm doors can also prolong the life of your entry door while enhancing your home’s energy efficiency by stopping air exchange.

Sound Ratings

The amount of sound loss through an interior door is measured by its STC (sound transmission class). A higher STC means lesser sound will pass through the door. Ask our experts at Valiant Home Remodelers for Woodbridge, NJ, doors that can help you enjoy a quieter, more comfortable indoor environment.

Whether you seek the kind of patio door that will grant you a grand entrance every day or a durable entry door that will discourage potential intruders, count on Valiant Home Remodelers. We carry an extensive selection of entry doors, patio doors, and storm doors by ProVia, among other brands.

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