Energy Efficiency 101: Sealing Your Doors and Windows

Feb 16, 2015

Today we focus on window and door sealing. It’s an effective way of keeping drafts out and energy bills low. Of course, if you want maximum energy efficiency, your best option is to get high-performance Monroe NJ replacement windows and doors.

What Air Leaks Are
Heated or cooled air escapes through holes, gaps, or cracks inside the home. These are called leaks, and most of them occur around faulty windows and doors. They’re a big waste of energy. In fact, according to, around one-third of the energy you pay for probably just sneaks out of your home.

How to Seal Your Windows and Doors
There are low-cost strategies to combat air leakage in your home. The idea is to seal off any openings where drafts can enter.

Caulking can be done on cracked or damaged framing as well as exposed joints between the window frame and wall. When you seal the holes, remember to remove old caulk or paint first. Use a putty knife, large screwdriver, or stiff brush, whichever is available. If you’re going to use a special solvent, make sure to dry the area afterward or else the new caulk won’t stick very well.

 Tip: It’s best to caulk when it’s dry outdoors (above 7.2°C/45°F). Warm temperatures help the caulk to set and stick properly to the frames.

Weather stripping works best for movable home components like doors. The tricky part is picking a type that can take on the elements and allow the unit to be operable at the same time. Vinyl resists moisture fairly well and is a good choice for doors that see a lot of foot traffic. Metal ones last longer and are great alternatives for traditional-looking homes where vinyl strips may appear out of place.

Tip: Use more than one type of weather stripping in sealing irregularly shaped areas. As with caulking, the strips should be applied only when the surfaces have been cleaned and dried.

It’s good to know that there are things you can do to prevent air leaks on your own. But remember, it’s always best to consult an expert about your window and door problems. If you aren’t able to detect the leaks on your own, have them perform a thorough inspection of your home. Ask for an accurate assessment and suggested solutions should leaks be found.

Note: We don’t recommend weather stripping or caulking for units that are thoroughly rotted or damaged beyond repair. If your windows and doors have seen better days, it’s time to replace them.

Valiant Home Remodelers has been installing entry, storm, and patio doors as well as replacement windows in Edison NJ for many years now. We address your energy concerns by providing highly efficient units that help reduce your utility bills.

We provide free estimates of our services as well. Talk to our professionals at (732) 541-7966 to determine the best window and door solution for your home.

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