Beating the Heat with New Insulated Siding

May 18, 2015

Are your cooling bills running just a little higher than normal this summer? Having you thoroughly checked your home’s door seals?  What about cracks in the windows or the caulking?  Are windows and doors all closed?  Do you find yourself still having to turn up the air conditioning even when they are?  It can be really frustrating not knowing what it is that’s forcing you to keep your air conditioning working overtime, but if everything else checks out, then you might need to check if your siding has to be replaced.

It’s easy to forget just how much of an effect siding in Woodbridge, NJ has on a home’s overall insulation and energy efficiency. For many of us, when we think of insulation it’s in the sense of keeping the warmth in, while keeping the cold out – very important during cold New Jersey winters.

Your home’s siding plays a major part in providing insulation for your home, and if the siding is damaged, then your home’s level of energy efficiency is going to suffer. Damaged siding can let in moisture that can eventually turn into structural problems; if a little moisture can get in, then how much easier is it for warm air to seep into your home?

Signs that your siding is failing and in need of replacement include the following:

  • Visible warping – This is the easiest sign to spot. If your vinyl siding is showing signs of warping, you need to replace your siding ASAP. If there are no such visible signs of damage, check for holes and bubbles; those indicate damage that isn’t quite visible yet, but still means that your siding needs replacing.
  • Rotting – This is the equivalent of warping when it comes to wooden siding. If the siding’s so far gone that it’s already starting to rot, then not only is your insulation compromised, but you may also have a mold or mildew problem brewing.
  • Fading – This is not just a cosmetic issue. If your siding, especially vinyl siding in Carteret, NJ, is starting to look weathered and worn, you need to start thinking about replacing your siding.

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