Achieve a Lead-Safe Home for Your Family’s Protection

Dec 17, 2014

As a homeowner, making sure that your house is safe for you, your family, and guests is a priority. From your house architecture and construction to interior design, you should make sure your home passes local safety standards.

A major concern that some homeowners may have failed to address is keeping their home lead-safe. Lead is a hazardous component that may cause a couple of illnesses. With this, Valiant Home Remodelers lists these simple ways to help you achieve a home that is lead-safe:

  1. Prevent hazard from lead in soil.

Flaking lead-based paint may contaminate the soil around your yard and get into your house as people come inside. Inspect your home exterior including the fences and porches for signs of paint deterioration and repair them as needed. To prevent contaminated soil from getting into your home, place doormats inside and outside the entryways. It’s also advisable to remove your footwear before entering your home.

Children might play with the soil around your house and putting plants on them can prevent kids from playing it. When you have to clean outdoors, make sure you wash your hands right after.

  1. Reduce exposure to lead dust.

Lead dust may come from deteriorated lead paint on various surfaces that may rub together such as your window frame and its case, and even your walls that might wear overtime. Walls coated with lead-based paint may be scraped or heated when you’re doing home repair, which may cause paint chips. They may get on objects and surfaces that people in your house may get in contact with.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to clean painted surfaces regularly and maintain its good condition. For repair jobs and repainting services, it’s advisable to contact a lead-safe certified contractor.

  1. Choose lead-free products.

Some toys are contaminated with lead and children may put them in their mouth as they play, so buying only lead-free toys to protect your kids’ health is highly recommended.

Aside from toys, products that contain lead include chalk, crayons, and children’s wear with print. When your kids have to use them, advise them exercise caution and avoid putting those kinds of things in their mouth. Remind them to wash their hand afterwards.

When you need a contractor for your home improvement and window replacement in Carteret NJ, trust a lead-certified firm by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) such as Valiant Home Remodelers. Our staff is trained in lead-safe work practices by EPA to ensure your protection.

We offer roof, siding, doors, and replacement windows in Edison NJ. Call us today at (732) 541-7966 for more information on our products and services.

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