3 Simple Tips on Determining the Status of Your Siding

Apr 15, 2016

A simple visual inspection is useful in understanding your siding’s current situation. By checking for some key warning signs, you’ll be able to determine if you need a more professional inspection and possible siding replacement. Valiant Home Remodelers offers a few tips.

Tips on Determining the Status of Your Siding

Investigate the Siding near Your Windows and Doors
Your siding in Woodbridge, NJ, protects your home’s structure from water. Check if it is doing a good job by looking at the siding near the corners of your exterior and near your windows and doors. If you see any sheathing or house wrap peeking out from behind it, then you might have a problem.

It’s also trouble if you see any sign of pooling or standing water. You can also look at your siding’s fail-safe. This is the method for moisture to escape from behind your siding, such as an opening. If moisture can’t escape from behind your siding, then it might reach your home’s structure.

Inspect the Fasteners and Caulk
You should also zoom in and closely inspect the siding itself. Look at the fasteners on your Woodbridge, NJ, siding. If you see any rust streaks, then that’s a strong sign that your previous siding installer used the wrong kind of nails on your siding. You can also look for areas with missing or damaged caulk. Take note, however, that some areas with missing caulk serve as weep channels or fail-safes for your siding. Contact us for a more careful inspection to be sure.

Look for Ripples and Waves
To perform its job properly, your siding should be a good fit for your home’s exterior. Look down a large run on your wall and see if there are any ripples or waves. These ripples or waves are symptoms of incorrect siding installation. It means that they fastened the siding too tightly to an uneven wall. As the expert in vinyl siding in Carteret, NJ, we can provide a more detailed diagnosis. We’ll inspect your siding thoroughly to solve the problem.

If you see any of these warning signs, then it’s time to give us a call. Valiant Home Remodelers will perform a thorough inspection and checkup of your siding. We will then recommend and implement the best solution for your siding problem. If you need a siding replacement, we can provide a variety of different high quality siding types for your home. Contact us to learn more about siding or to request a free estimate.

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