Part Three: Who Will Install Your Replacement Windows? – The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Replacement Windows

Feb 16, 2015

Part one gave us the three options for window replacement and the advantages of each. Part two listed the telltale signs that point to the need for window replacement, and stressed other special considerations for some window projects. To wrap up this series, let’s look into what makes good contractor, and how you – the homeowner – can make sure the project ends successfully.

Much of the success of your window replacement depends upon your contractor, which is why he or she must be:

• Licensed. Home improvement licensing is approached differently by different states. Here in New Jersey, for instance, anybody working on windows, roofs, siding, and other parts of the home needs to be registered. The Contractor’s License Reference Site is a good resource if you want to verify your contractor’s credibility, and it covers all 50 states.

• Reputable. New Jersey’s Contractors Registration Act makes it easy for homeowners to file complaints against a contractor or check on past complaints against potential contractors. Similar programs exist for other states; check with your labor department.

• Ethical. Codes enforced at the local and state level streamline the replacement process, as well as ensure the safety and energy efficiency of your new windows. Your contractor should be knowledgeable in the various reference standards used in the windows industry.

• Certified. Certification by an association or manufacturer speaks volumes about the kind of service a contractor will provide. Such bodies mandate their members to deliver top-notch results, and you will find that you will have more peace of mind if you choose a reliable window installation professional.

Other Considerations

Your choice of window material should also be a serious consideration when commissioning a window replacement. Vanguard, Sunrise and other established brands offer more in the way of aesthetics, energy efficiency, and functionality. Check your contractor’s product offerings to make informed decisions.

In addition, educate yourself about current trends and technologies in the industry. The shift towards adopting greener materials, for instance, pays off well – in terms of energy savings, better comfort, and even tax credits. Plus, if you are hoping to sell your home, buyers will be more interested if they know that your windows are already covered with warranties.

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