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Bay and Bow Windows Carteret NJ

Bay and boy windows offer a beautiful way to accent to a home and create an immediate focal point from both the interior and the exterior. These window designs have a special advantage over traditional windows: because they arch outward from a wall, they result in a larger viewing area that can be used to maximize views of the outdoors. The outward projection can also be used to create a cozy interior seating area. The expansive view and the large amount of natural light that a bay or bow window permits also creates a feeling of greater spaciousness within a room, making them an ideal choice for living rooms and master bedrooms.

When choosing window styles, many homeowners wonder about the difference between bay and bow windows.

  • Bay windows. Traditionally, a bay window is made by configuring three windows at approximately 40-degree angles. The center window is typically larger and flanked by two smaller windows on each side. While the center picture window may be stationary, the smaller windows are often casement, single- or double-hung styles to allow ventilation.
  • Bow windows. Bow windows are composed of four or more windows, often of the same size, that are joined at equal angles to form a gradual curve. Any of these windows may be designed to open for greater ventilation. A bow window can be used in many settings to bring in light and create a feeling of spaciousness.
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Valiant Home Remodelers offers bay and bow windows in several different styles and sizes, customized to your individual preference. When you are thinking of making improvements to your house, Valiant is the name to trust. Our commitment to craftsmanship and integrity is your assurance of satisfaction!

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