July Covid Update

During the past several weeks, we’ve all experienced unusual conditions, including us at Valiant Home Remodelers. But many of the restrictions and life-style changes are once again undergoing modifications.  So this is a good point to give you a VHR COVID-19 status update.

Following the lead of the healthcare and government officials, we continue to make the safety of our clients and staff is our highest priority and our guiding principle.  First, our showroom and office presently remain closed to the public. Those employees working there are doing so in shifts in order to minimize contact.   Secondly, we have, and will, only partner with suppliers whose commitment to safety is consistent with our own.  

Lastly, we have seen our production be just a bit behind due to a variety of necessary factors including workplace safety and labor and supplier based safety measures.  

At the same time, it’s worth noting that our financial partners at GreenSky LLC, recognizing that many folks are feeling economic impact, have come out with several awesome financial packages.  This comes at a great time for those wanting to move forward with plans for improving their home.  For many, vacation plans may be limited or changed for the foreseeable future and it seems that our friends are often adapting to that reality by making their homes more comfortable for the time being spent there

So let us wish you safe and healthy days ahead look forward to a return to normal.  If you have any much needed repairs or required upgrades for your home, remember that we will be able to provide those services while respecting the health and safety of all involved.

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